CT instruction

Examination using computer tomographic scanner is carried out strictly by medical conditions and availability of doctor's referral stating examination area, diagnosis and objectives of examination. Your doctor and you need to make an appointment with the registration officer. It is advisable to have previous X-ray, CT or MRI test results.

There is no need in special preparion of the brain and different parts of locomotorium before CT test. You can have meals or drinks, take medicine or have procedures as usually. Though before examination of abdominal cavity, chest or pelvic organs certain actions should be taken:

  • Several days before examination you should take а biochemical blood analysis clearly stating Creatinine and urea rate. If these rates are acceptable, this can be rendered to you by the registration officer, you can make an appointment for examination;
  • One day before examination you should not eat products that are likely to cause gas-formation, and it is advisable to give a treating enema the night before morning examination.

High resolution of the multispiral SOMATOM Spirit computer tomographer allows for significant reduction of examination duration as well as for decreasing X-ray dose taken by the patient by many times.

Hence reducing procedure duration eliminates necessity to stay in the same position for a long time. It is especially important for children, patients with megalgia or limited excursion, in cases of impaired cardial function or respiratory failure, or acute fear of cul-de-sac (claustrophobia).

While processing received images of human body the device creates three-dimensional models of organs, vessels, joints, enhancing diagnostic precision and providing a doctor with an opportunity to give accurate diagnosis, ensure optimal approach to treating deseases. These images are essential for getting full diagnostic picture in oncology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecology and urology. Ct-tests of vitals ensure detecting tiniest changes in their parenchyma.

To detect most of pathologies and give their detail description contrast substances should be injected (it is decisded by examining doctor). We use high quality contrast substances, namely Ultravist 300, Ultravist 320. It esures enhancing visualization, hence, accuracy of diagnosis. Along with other X-ray diagnostics testing CT is the testing that requires strict grounds.