X-ray analysis is a noninvasive radiation examination method for examining human internal organs and skeleton.

Over 100 years has passed since the daywhen Conrad Roentgen discovered X-rays. During this time X-rays have gained many professions and have been serving humans. They are guarding human health. X-ray analysis is the best and the most reliable tool for a patient and a doctor. Nowadays X-ray analysis remains the main method of diagnosing osteoarticular system affection. It plays an important role during lung examination. Contrast radiography methods help assess hollow soft tissues structures condition. Despite the availability of new methods of examination, X-ray analysis still remains actual and in many cases the only possible method of diagnosing.

Radiography is used to diagnose:

  • Lungs and mediastinum – infectious, tumor and other diseases,
  • Spine cord — degenerative dystrophic (osteochondrosis, spondylosis, curvature), infectious and inflammatory (different types of spondylitis), tumor diseases.
  • Different parts of peripheric skeleton — to detect various traumatic (fractures, disolocations), infactuous and tumor changes.
  • Abdominal cavity — organs perforation, kidneys function (excretory urography) and other changes.
  • metrosalpingography — contrast X-ray study of uterine cavity and Fallopian tubes patency.

X-ray analysis advantages over otyer methods of examination:

  • Wide availability of the method and easy examination.
  • No special preparation of the patient is required for most examinations.
  • Relatively low cost of examination.
  • Films can be used for consulting with the other specialist or at the other establishment (unlike US films, where one more examination is required, since received images are operator-dependant).
  • Radiation exposure of the patient nowadays is 90-95% less than just 10 years ago. In other words, modern devices have become 10-20 times safer and there are prospects for further decrease of radiation exposure of the doctor and the patient. This breakthrough in examination safetiness has resulted in the fact that X-ray analysis can be compared to other examination methods.