Instruction for taking MRI

Examination using magnetic resonance imaging scanner is carried out strictly by medical conditions and availability of doctor's referral stating examination area, diagnosis and objectives of examination. Your doctor and you need to make an appointment with the registration officer. It is advisable to have results of previous examinations.

There is no need in special preparing before MRI examination. You can have meals or drinks, take medicine or have procedures as usually. During examination of the brain make-up (shadows, mascara) can result in poor images quality or decrease their diagnostic value, hence women are recommended to refrain from putting on make-up on the examination day or bring it to minimum before examination.

Before examination one should take off one’s watch, jewelry, metal objects, dental prosthesis, get all metal objects (keys, coins), electronic devices, magnetic media from one’s pockets. All taken off jewelry and stuff should be left in the special changing room.

It is recommended that you should wear disposable shoe covers given to you. Children and patients having impairment of consciousness can ask for sedation or narcosis. Sedation or narcosis issues along with preparation of such patients for examination must be preliminary discussed with an anesthesiologist.